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Do you offer gift cards?

This in in process. I am admittedly not a website builder so once I figure out how to do it I will add this feature.

Why are Black Soldier Flies a good food source for my pet?

This is such a great question. Black soldier fly larvae are very high in protein and fat. There are many estimates of up to 40% protein by weight and 10% calcium. This will vary based on their diet but it is, in many cases, double the the protein and calcium content when compared to other food sources.

Are they gross like house flies?

Black soldier flies are a type of fly but they are very different. The adult form does not eat during the entire adult stage. This means that they are not feeding and spreading germs the way house flies do. They also do not lay their eggs in the feed they prefer to lay eggs above or nearby the feed so they eggs hatch and fall into the food source. This makes them much cleaner than a common house fly.

What are BSFL (Black Soldier Fly Larvae)?

Black soldier flies are scientifically named hermetia illucens. As adults (the fly form) they resemble a small wasp but they do not have the ability to bite or sting. They are native and their job in nature is the ecological clean up crew so they are amazing at breaking down waste.

Do I need to feed and water them?

Nope, they are completely fine without food and water. Once they turn the darker color they begin preparing to become the adult and they stop eating anyway.

What does GrubsGaloreUSA feed the BSFL?

Our larvae are feed on grocery store pre-consumer food waste so this includes fish/meat as well as fruit/vegetables. While meat waste is their favorite, I prefer fruit waste for them but they get it all.

How should I handle them?

BSFL are a bug so if you consider how you might handle other bugs you will be on the right track. They will come with some bedding to keep them comfortable. I would remove the bedding and then they can be dumped directly into the dish that your pet uses. While I personally handle them directly, we would recommend not handling them with bare hands and of course to wash your hands after interacting with them.

What type of animals can eat them?

These guys are like ice-cream to a number of animals. I used them in my tilapia farm (I needed to dry and blend them first) but they will work well for many kinds of fish. I also use them for my pet bearded dragon (Elvis) and my pet chickens. They are a great food source for many reptiles like turtles and etc. We would love to see what other pets love them so please feel free to let us know by email what you use them for.

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